Helsinki offers a wide range of experiences throughout the year in the form of over 3000 events, a majestic maritime setting, classic and contemporary Finnish design, a vibrant food culture, fascinating neighbourhoods, legendary architecture, a full palette of museums and culture, great shopping opportunities and a lively nightlife.

12 experiences you shouldn’t miss while in Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the greenest metropolises in the world

In Helsinki over one third of the city consists of parks and other green areas, and it is surrounded on three sides by the sea. Helsinki is also one of the cleanest capital cities in the world. The noise, pollution and congestion that are often associated with capital cities are noticeably absent here. The safe and tidy streets combined with the compact size of the city make Helsinki a pleasant place to visit.

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Helsinki’s food culture is unique, surprising and authentic

Helsinki offers local food made from fresh seasonal ingredients, haute cuisine in Michelin-starred restaurants, hundreds of popup restaurants a year, and much more. The new local food culture is packed with delightful surprises and sustainable pleasures.

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Helsinki is the perfect destination for design shopping and design culture

Helsinki was the World Design Capital in 2012. Design is manifest in the everyday lives of Helsinki citizens in many ways, ranging from home furniture and items that represent old Finnish design traditions to modern urban solutions in the city and contemporary interior design.

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Helsinki listed among top international travel destinations

Helsinki has been included in the top travel destination listings of several major international media titles. TripAdvisor, one of the biggest travel websites in the world, ranked in 2013 Helsinki 5th among the top 10 list of destinations on the rise in Europe. Similarly, Travel+Leisure magazine included Helsinki in its listing of the best places to travel in 2014.

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